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When I was pregnant, I was so bummed out because Zoë kept measuring large and the Ob-Gyn had told me there was a good chance she would be 9-10 lbs. upon arrival. Naturally, I didn't love the idea of that since I'm rather small, so they told me to back off a lot of different things to help keep her weight at bay. The worst one was the brownies... I don't usually have a sweet tooth, but I just couldn't get enough brownies. 

Well, I kept away from the brownies (and other goodies) with the thought that once Zoë was born, I'd be able to satisfy my craving. Not so much... I've learned that Zoë has a very sensitive stomach, which means I have to really watch what I eat and what might be causes of her upset tummy. It's safe to say that almost all of my guilty pleasures are a "no-no." Chocolate, dairy, fried foods, Indian food, foods with garlic...even orange juice. My mom joked and said that I'd be sure to lose weight fast on the Zoë diet. 

I'm sure there are still more things that Zoë won't react nicely to, so I keep a food log and write down everything I eat so that if she has a bad reaction, I can more easily depict what it was that upset her in the first place. In the meantime, I deal with a lot of laundry. I don't mind it so much. It's fun to see her in different outfits. 

However, at night when she spits up over and over, that's a different story. What baby likes being undressed and re-dressed, swaddled and unswaddled in the middle of the night? To speed up the process, I've started laying out an extra swaddle and nightgown along with her diaper so that I can make for an quick change and, hopefully, not arouse her from her slumber. 

I'm sure she'll grow out of her sensitivity to foods at some point, and I'm willing to hold off on all of those delectable treats I miss until she's done breastfeeding. Small sacrifice for such a sweet little thing, don't you think?

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