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We've bought Zoë quite a few developmental toys for her to stimulate her vision, dexterity and hearing, but my absolute favorite (and Zoë's, too) is the NogginStik, who we've since dubbed Mr. NogginStik. We came across it on a trip to a local toy store.  It's funny, because I almost put it back after realizing it was about 20 bucks, but I'm really glad I didn't. It was well worth the price. 

The NogginStik encourages stimulation for babies from birth. The head lights up to see, promoting the ability for your baby to follow with her eyes. The handle is the perfect size for tiny hands and is textured to allow her to feel. There is also a rattle at the base helping your baby to locate sound. 

As I said, earlier, it's Zoë's favorite toy. If she's crying, we bring out Mr. NogginStik and light up his head and she is instantly quiet and captivated. It's greatly improved her sight and ability to track objects with her eyes and is really the only toy that she can hold for a long period of time without dropping. I really recommend this toy!

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