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My mom is a big advocate for major sun protection, so it came as no surprise when she wanted to make sure Zoë was super protected, especially since infants under 6 months cannot wear sunblock. We had already bought her a sun protective hat, but she went a step further and found this company called Sunsnapz. Sunsnapz sells blankets with UPF 50+ fabric, but what's better is they have these snaps along the edges that allows you to "snap" them around your stroller, car seat, even your baby! You can even snap it around your neck and use it as a nursing cover which just might be my favorite thing about this blanket. We use ours most often when we're out at the zoo or on a trip to Disneyland. So it's nice to put Zoë in my baby carrier and wrap the Sunsnapz blanket around my neck and be off. It gives me privacy and keeps her shielded from the sun without any bulkiness! You can see other ways to use the blanket here.They carry two sizes in the blanket, a midi and maxi. We own one of each right now, but I'm definitely exploring the idea of getting a second of each. We purchased them in a bundle that actually came with one of their bandanas, too! We don't use that as much right now, but only because Zoë's still so small and it's hard to tie it around her head without her squirming. 

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