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Lately, I've been stressed out for a number of reasons. Wes and I have been trying to manage care for Zoë on our own without having to look to daycare. In order for us to do so, I've been working mornings to early afternoon, and Wes has been working from late afternoon to night. That already is kind of a bummer, because it means we don't get to spend too much time as a family. However, it's worse because his employer hasn't been very understanding of our situation (the need for both of us to be employed) and they've been scheduling him to where it conflicts with my schedule. Fortunately, my job has been understanding enough and my dad has also been available to help out with Zoë when he's off.

Not being able to work full-time, though, has created another stressor: funds. I work for a smaller company and they failed to inform me that I'd need to compensate for my insurance that they paid for while I was on leave. I mean, it makes perfect sense, but being a new mother, I didn't really think about that and them waiting over four months to tell me this means I didn't have the chance to pay them while I was out and more than capable. Now, I owe my company almost $2000 which is being pulled from my bi-weekly paycheck on top of the current fees to keep my insurance. Because of all of this, I'm making half as much as I normally would and that's a lot less!

I've been in a desperate search for new employment either working a graveyard shift or finding a job I can do from home. The problem with that, though, is there aren't many jobs out there that offer a graveyard shift and there are so many scams for work from home jobs. I know a girl who started freelance writing a while back and asked her about how I could get into that. She sent me a link, but before I signed up, I wanted to see if I could find out more information about the company. In doing my research, I came upon a website called Work at Home Adventures. It's a very cool blog that offers reviews, news and leads for jobs where you can work from home.

I've applied to a few jobs that I discovered from this website, and I'm hoping to get a response soon. Though I enjoy writing, the freelance writing positions are all technical and revolving around things that I don't know about and/or don't care to know about, so I opted out of it. 

I'm hoping that something works out soon. I'm eager to get back to taking care of Zoë. She's growing up so fast and I don't want to miss anything. 

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