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Our first overnight trip was  a visit to Disneyland with my parents, "G-ma" and "GP". I was really excited as soon as we set the dates and the countdown began. (Disneyland is my favorite place.) About a week prior to our trip, my mom and I were out and about and I said, "I should probably start packing for Zoë, huh?" My mom laughed. I realized this was a bit premature, so I decided I'd just write a checklist. I did do a bit of searching online for a "packing for baby" checklist, but nothing I came across really seemed fitting. I admit I didn't really search that hard, but I decided I'd just make up my own anyway. 

I really should have known better... First of all, I'm always a procrastinator and, secondly, I ALWAYS forget something when I'm just packing for myself. I wasn't a total procrastinator, though. I mean, I never actually wrote out the checklist, but I did start packing the day before and was under the impression that I had it all down in my head.

I can't believe how much I packed for her. We were only there for about two days. I had a big tote full of blankets that wouldn't fit in the stuffed-to-the-brim carry-on sized suitcase, the diaper backpack and an extra backpack. All of that was her stuff and that didn't include the little cubby that holds all of her diapers. Obviously, I went with the "better safe than sorry" approach and over packed, but it was my first trip. I did forget one thing...the detergent for the cloth diapers to be washed, but that was a very easy fix. 

I'm sure you've been wondering, "What all did this chick pack?" I really couldn't list it all out, but basically I packed her entire wardrobe and like five to seven blankets "just in case." Did I need it all? No, but I was happy that I was prepared. 

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