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We've been pretty lucky to avoid diaper rash with Zoë, but recently, she got one. After some careful research, it seems it was a mild ammonia burn. It seemed to have started once she started sleeping through the night. She wouldn't wake for a diaper change for 7 hours! The rash hadn't caused her any pain, as she wasn't fussing or anything, but we certainly didn't want things to get to that point. 

Cloth diapers are great, but the one downside is that most of the common diaper rash creams are not compatible with cloth diapers. I started searching the internet for cloth diaper-friendly diaper creams and came across this website. It was very helpful in showing which creams were good, acceptable and bad for cloth diapers. 

I also read, however, that over time, cloth diapers can have an ammonia build up and need to be "stripped" about once a month. Stripping is basically a deep clean to remove any unwanted build up in your cloth diapers. Stripping is easy, but timely. While I stripped all of Zoë's diapers, I put her in disposable and put some Aquaphor on her bum to start the healing process. 

Since I'm not a fan of disposables, I continued to look for a cloth diaper-friendly cream and came across Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm. After looking at the retailers, I sent Wes out to the Vitamin Shoppe to acquire some. Once the diapers were finished "stripping," I applied the Bottom Balm and we were on our way. During the next diaper change, I noticed her bum was even redder than before. I assumed she had an allergic reaction to the balm and quickly stopped use. It was back to the drawing board.

I tried California Baby's diaper cream next since they sold it in stores like Buy Buy Baby, Target and Whole Foods. I really liked the smell, but again, it was causing a reaction on Zoë. She already has eczema on her legs and it seemed to be developing where we placed the California Baby as well.

Finally, I settled on CJ's BUTTer because it mentioned that it was also good for eczema and double points was on Amazon Prime which meant I'd get free 2-day shipping for it since I'm a Prime member. In the mean time, I used a fleece liner (I just bought a yard of micro-fleece at the fabric store and cut it up to make liners) with the diapers and used Aquaphor again. 

Since getting the CJ's BUTTer, it's helped her rash and her eczema. I'm thinking of getting her a separate tube for the eczema on her legs as well!


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